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Choosing the right transport equipment for your dog

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Choosing the right transport equipment for your dog - 1000 x 700

If you are one of many dog owners that consider your beloved furry a member of the family, then this article is for you.

The fact is, as a nation of dog owners, we love spending time with our dogs. And that is not just limited to time at home or on walks. Our dogs are part of your family so why would we leave them home alone?

Enjoying a trip out as a family does mean giving a little consideration to ensuring you transport your dog with the safety and wellbeing of both your dog and your family in mind.

How to choose the right transport equipment for your dog

When we travel in our cars we know the rules, seat belt on, it’s the first thing we do when we get in, as well as make sure our children are suitably safe in their car seats or booster seat.

Did you know it’s actually been law since 1991 that all people in a vehicle have to wear a seat belt?

Whilst currently the law states dogs should be restrained under section 57 of the Highway Code, its recommendations are not strict enough. Just what would happen if a dog restrained by the incorrect equipment was involved in a crash? Would the equipment hold out? Would the dog be thrown forward into the front seat causing injury to the people? What if there is a child on the back seat? What if the non-crash tested dog guard did not hold out and the dog was flung forward through the guard into the back seats where children may be sitting?

You don’t want to miss out on having your dog with you, they are part of the family after all.

For your dog’s safety and wellbeing we’ve created a quick and easy guide to make sure your dog is as safe as you are.

Choosing the right transport equipment for your dog can be a bit of a minefield and can be hard to know what’s best. You’ve got the ones with great reviews, the one’s whose clever marketing people made it sound super safe and of course the price needs to be a consideration. With all this choice how do you know what is right for you?

Here’s 4 top tips on choosing the right transport equipment for your dog.

  1. Choosing the right option for a large/extra large/giant dog to go in the boot:
  2. Choosing the right option if your dog needs to go on the back seat:
    A crash tested harness is the option for dogs that are going on the back seat. Do check the brand you are buying is crash tested, whilst some use clever wording to make it sound like they are safe. If they have not been crash tested they have not proven to be safe in the event of an accident. Here are some great options:

  3. Picking the right harness for your dog:
    • Please note: You will need to measure your dog to make sure you have the correct one for your dog’s weight and size.
    • All the harnesses above are crash tested and come in different sizes, which go from small to large. The right harness for your dog will depend if they have a preference of stepping into a harness or if they are ok with one going over their head.
    • Also when you are doing your research on which harness is best, check out how they are put on/taken off. Also how to adjust the straps to fit your dog, these can be very fiddly, which isn’t going to work for you if you struggle with your hands.
  4. What about tiny/extra small dogs?:

So there you have it our roundup of the best way to transport your dog with their safety and wellbeing covered so now all you have to do is choose where it is you are going? Does your dog have a favourite destination?

Don’t forget to have water on board for longer journeys, schedule in plenty of stops for a wee, and bring along their favourite toy if that helps them travel better.

About Pets 2 Places

Pets 2 Places was founded by Claire Harris and is a unique transport service for people needing to travel with their pets. This could be to the vets, groomers, kennels or even on holiday. Whether the customer needs an arm to hold onto as they walk to the car, help with putting the cat in the basket or just someone to chat to whilst they are on their way, Pets 2 Places help people of all ages and from all walks of life. We use fully adapted cars not multi crated vans. This means your pet can sit with you, which helps them stay calm. We only take one pet and owner at a time, meaning 100% attention for each customer, and we can even wait whilst owners attend their appointment. For more information, please visit our website

We are looking for people to join us across the UK to run the service in their area. If this sounds like the opportunity for you, please get in touch.

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