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A Pawsitively Special DoggyLottery Christmas Round

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This Christmas, #DoggyLottery is thrilled to unwrap a special gift for dog lovers and charitable hearts alike! Our “12 Charities of Christmas” round is here, featuring twelve incredible organisations that dedicate their passion to the well-being of our furry friends.

Each vote in this unique round supports not just one, but a dozen deserving charities, spreading warmth, joy, and care to those who need it most.

#DoggyLottery is a weekly lottery subscription (but you can cancel at any time). Tickets cost £1.50 and there are 10 guaranteed weekly winners. Your entry into the lottery supports small dog rescue centres on a ongoing basis.

Currently for Christmas we are supporting 12 charities.

The 12 Charities of Christmas are:

  1. 8 Below Husky Rescue
  2. Border Collie Rescue & Rehab Centre
  3. Cloud K9 Rescue
  4. EverMore Dog Rescue
  5. Foal Farm Animal Rescue
  6. Friends of Akitas Trust (UK)
  7. Harley’s Hounds Animal Rescue
  8. Monarch’s Mutts Dog Rescue
  9. Oldies Club
  10. Saints Sled Dog Rescue
  11. Spirit of the Dog Rescue
  12. Wings and Paws Rescue

Let’s discover how your generous donations will make a real and lasting impact on the lives of dogs in need:

1. 8 Below Husky Rescue – Emergency kennel funds

Funds raised during the DoggyLottery round will be used towards our emergency kennel funds to help dogs who find themselves in the council pounds. After serving their 7 days notice, after this time due to the vast number of dogs unwanted and found roaming the streets, there is high chance of euthanasia. With your help, we can offer safe rescue spaces to dogs needing our help during December and into the new year as January is a month where we see a the number of unwanted dogs increase dramatically.

We will also give every dog in our kennels their own Christmas Dinner along with some toys and treats to enjoy over the Christmas period whilst they are waiting for their forever homes

An example of a dog we were able to rescue is Buddy. Buddy endured a heartbreaking life tied to a shed. We were alerted by a lovely dog warden who thankfully intervened and took Buddy to safety but he urgently needed a rescue centre to step in and help. Thankfully Buddy has now found his forever home and is a new name for his new start in life❤️

With your help, we can help more dogs like Buddy!

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2. Border Collie Rescue & Rehab Centre – Collie bedroom barn

We are trying to help more dogs by renovating one of our Barns into a Collie Bedroom area.  All our dogs live together in packs, and will share large bedroom areas together.  We have a huge waiting list of dogs to be admitted but we need to wait until the new bedroom area is renovated. We have over 100 dogs at the rescue at any one time.

Vardy is one of our current dogs.  He was muzzled for 24 hours a day (even to eat) and this has left his mouth and face permanently damaged.  He was also left with a severe skin and flea infestation which has means most of the hair on his back and tail has gone, and unlikely to regrow.

Having the new bedroom barn area means that we can help more dogs like Vardy to recover and live the life they deserve, either with us permanently or in their own forever homes.

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3. Cloud K9 Rescue – Steph’s vet fees & care

We will use any money received from DoggyLottery towards vet bills we have incurred on a particular dog, called Steph.

In September this year, we funded a spay/neuter clinic in one of the poorest areas of Romania, Pata Rat.  Pata Rat is home to Europe’s biggest rubbish dump and around 1500 people live here along stray dogs, cats and other animals. One of our trustees went to help (self funded).  Whilst there she met Steph (named after the lady who found her). This puppy was found with a terrible head wound, almost through to the bone, which the vets think was caused by being struck by an axe.

The head wound was treated and she then needed a stay in a clinic until we found a safe place for her, where she will stay until she travels to the UK later in December.  The vet and clinic fees came to over £1,000.

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4. EverMore Dog Rescue – Poppet’s vet fees & care

Poppet is so tiny and was found by our rescuer, on a heavy chain, tied to a trailer, where large free roaming Shepherd dogs are kept.  She was in a desperate state, incredibly frail and thin, outdoors in the brutal Romania winter; being tethered to a chain meant she was at high risk of attack with no escape. She was so nervous and shy, clearly not used to humans and no experience of kindness in humans.

We really need to get her urgent vet care and good quality food, to get her weight up to a normal level.  It will take time but we’re committed to showing this little lady that there are good humans who will love and care for her, through her rehabilitation.  When she is fully recovered, we hope she will be rehomed in the UK, into a warm, loving and cosy home, which is so deserved for this precious girl.  No more life on a chain, no more hunger, no more human cruelty, just a happy EverMore future.

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5. Foal Farm Animal Rescue – Mikey’s vet fees & care

We often see dogs that come into our care in poor conditions, yet the arrival of Mikey is truly shocking.  Mikey is a 5-year-old Papillon who was a happy, healthy dog with a gorgeous coat of hair until earlier this year, when his owner noticed him itching.  We could never imagine that Mikey was in such poor health.

Our vet has confirmed that he has Sarcoptic mange. Poor Mikey must wear a baby grow to prevent him from harming himself, as given access to his body, he scratches and chews himself to the point of bleeding. He has a buster cone which is too big as he still manages to get to parts of his body with a regular cone. Mikey is also extremely underweight.

He is overwhelmed at his new surroundings, but now he is receiving all the treatment necessary to get him back to health he is making progress slowly. We are having to quarantine Mikey, and our staff are taking extra precautions to protect themselves and our other dogs from the risk of passing on the mites.  We will have Mikey feeling better soon, and when ready we will be searching for the perfect home for him.

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6. Friends of Akitas Trust (UK) – Tia + puppies’ vet fees & care

Any donation The Friends of Akitas Trust receives from The Doggy Lottery 12 Charities of Christmas would be used for the very important vaccinations, microchips and ongoing care of our beautiful Tia and her 7 puppies. Tia found herself heavily pregnant, abandoned and alone in the dog pound and in need of a safe place to  birth her litter. We were contacted for help and she made her way to the home of her loving foster family.  After a couple of weeks settling in Tia had to have an emergency c-section, following this she has gone from strength to strength, she’s a great Mum and her puppies are blooming and growing into amazing little characters.

Of course we want to give them all the best start in life, so not only do they need to find the best homes but they need to be fully vaccinated and microchipped ready for the next chapter in their lives. Tia will also be spayed so she will never have to go through this again. Your participation in the Doggy Lottery would go towards making all this possible.

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7. Harley’s Hounds Animal Rescue – 8-week-old puppies’ vet fees & care

Currently, we are caring for a litter of four 8-week-old puppies who came into our care after an unexpected litter was surrendered to us. These cute little pups are a mix of bull breed, lurcher, and Bernese Mountain Dog.

Any funds raised through DoggyLottery will be dedicated to covering their essential veterinary care. Your donation will play a crucial role in ensuring these little ones receive the best medical attention, vaccinations, and overall well-being as they embark on their journey to finding loving forever homes. Your support contributes directly to the health and happiness of these adorable puppies, making a lasting impact on their lives.

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8. Monarch’s Mutts Dog Rescue – Hope’s future care, exemption costs & insurance

We would like to use these funds generated through the DoggyLottery for Hope’s future care, exemption costs and insurance.

Hope is an xl bullie who was found in a flat, tied to a radiator and surrounded with faeces, upturned food/water bowls and just a sheet to sleep on the hard, cold floor. The person who had bought her was still living there, just not bothering to feed her or clean up after her. We got her out with help from the police and public.

She was very underweight, smelt badly and had urine burns on her paws. She was only 8 months old. Not long after we got her safe and into foster care, the xl bullie ban was introduced. Hope is a sweet, loving dog who isn’t a danger to anyone and loves other dogs.

Luckily we have an amazing foster family in Amy and Craig who are going to adopt Hope and with our support, take her through the exemption process and register her to them so she can live out her life safely and happily.

Our rescue will cover her food, exemption costs etc for life.

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9. Oldies Club – Pepsi and Max’s vet bills

We’ve chosen Pepsi and Max to be our featured dogs. They’re a bonded pair and have been looking for a forever home together for a while now. I’ve attached some photos of them – four of them as a pair, but also a nice single photo of each (Max is the longer-haired one) in case you can make use of those two.

The Christmas donation for Oldies Club will be used towards our vet bills, which reach into the many thousands each month. Pepsi and Max, featured, are 12-year-old sister and brother, Labrador x Collie dogs. They came into Oldies Club care after their person sadly passed away. These beautiful dogs form a bonded pair, who are being cared for in one of our wonderful foster homes as we try to find them an equally lovely forever home. The vet bills for Pepsi and Max have exceeded £1,700 to date and include various veterinary examinations and standard veterinary care, antibiotics, treatment for tummy troubles and specialist food for those tummies, along with a number of checks on some old-age lumps.

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10. Saints Sled Dog Rescue – Tyson’s vet bills

Tyson is a 12-year-old Alaskan Malamute, he came into Saints care in March 2022, sadly his owner had passed away. Tyson had spent a large portion of his life living in his back garden, it was a huge adjustment period for him, moving into a foster home. It soon became apparent that Tyson really wasn’t well. A decade old retained testical had become cancerous and was removed at the first opportunity.

Since the surgery Tyson has come on leaps and bounds. He does have some age related arthritis and requires monthly medication and Librella injections. Due to Tyson’s age, medical needs and some behavioural issues, it was decided that he will spend his final months or hopefully years as a permanent foster, with the family he trusts and loves.

His monthly medical costs are covered by the charity which is around £177 per month. All of the funds raised during this round with DoggyLottery will go towards Tyson’s ongoing vet care. We are so very grateful for DoggyLottery and their supporters who continue to help us rescue dogs like Tyson.

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11. Spirit of the Dog Rescue – Maggie’s kennel fees

The DoggyLottery donation will go towards Maggie’s ongoing kennel fees.

To everyone’s surprise Maggie is still looking for a forever home! She became a rescue dog a year ago when she was handed to us in a state of emotional distress, thankfully there have been a lot of positive changes in her world since then.

Maggie’s previous caregivers were struggling to find the time to meet her needs and so they sedated her with drugs to keep her quiet instead, it was a very difficult time but she is a fantastically resilient young lady who is determined to see the silver lining each day.

Mags has just celebrated her 2nd birthday, she is an inspirational pup who loves nothing more than spending time with her favourite humans and enjoying fun days out with her volunteers. Your help with fundraising pays for everything she needs including the rent for her bedroom and private outdoor run at the kennels, until she is lucky enough to find her forever human and another dog in need takes her place.

Please do share her story and if you are interested in adopting Maggie, please get in touch with Spirit of the dog rescue.

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12. Wings and Paws Rescue – Dexter’s vet bills

Wings and Paws Rescue urgently need donations to cover vet bills, which often exceed £2,000.

One poignant case is little Dexter, a 5-month-old dachshund surrendered due to alleged being unable to gain weight. Upon arrival, Dexter was shockingly malnourished, resembling a 3-month-old puppy.

Extensive vet tests revealed no underlying medical issues, only severe neglect and starvation by his previous owner. Determined to rehabilitate him, we rescue provided Dexter with high-quality nutrition, leading to a remarkable 400g weight gain in the first week. Dexter’s journey, documented with heartwarming photos, resonated with our social media followers who showered him with blankets, jumpers and support.

Now on the path to recovery, Dexter, like many others, highlights our rescue’s commitment to saving neglected dogs. Sadly Dexter’s case is not unique, another similar case is Caramac, a golden Labrador equally emaciated who joined us around the same time as Dexter. Wings and Paws Rescue vows to continue our mission until every distressed dog finds a loving home. Donations directly contribute to these life-saving efforts, ensuring more success stories like Dexter’s and Caramac’s in the ongoing battle against animal neglect which is sadly getting more and more commonplace.

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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2024!

As we embrace the spirit of giving and celebrate the magic of the festive season, there’s no better way to make a difference than by supporting our “12 Charities of Christmas” DoggyLottery round. Your vote is a beacon of hope for these twelve incredible charities, illuminating the path toward a brighter and happier future for dogs in need.

Remember, your vote not only supports these amazing charities but also enters you into our weekly draw for a chance to win fantastic cash prizes.

Vote now, spread the word, and let the spirit of giving shine through! 🐾✨