Our Story 

DoggyLottery was founded by Lisette van Riel and Lee Brown. Cousins with both a huge passion for dogs.

It all started in 2014 when I (Lisette van Riel) rescued one very special 3-legged dog named Beautie whilst living in Dubai. I was not looking to adopt a dog at the time as we were living in an apartment on the 16th floor, so not the ideal environment for a dog. On a regular basis, I would help out at a dog rescue centre and it was during one of these days that I met Beautie. I felt this instant connection with her. The happiest dog I had ever seen despite having 3 legs. Sadly, because of this fact she was struggling to find a home. After even her foster family could no longer keep her and she was stuck in a crate at the vets, I persuaded my husband to foster her. Within 24 hrs of taking her in, we knew she was here to stay.

Our story_DoggyWarriors_Beautie

Just days after adopting Beautie, I lost my father. Was it coincidence or meant to be? Who knows, but she got me through a very difficult time. She would sit and lick away my tears or just lie in my arms for hours, giving me much needed comfort. We might have rescued her, but she rescued me right back. Dogs have this incredible intuition of knowing how we are feeling and when we need their help. She is my inspiration, motivation, and drive to find a way of doing more for rescue dogs.

After moving back to the UK, I started investigating the local situation regarding rescue dogs and rescue centres. My findings were heart-breaking. The reasons dogs get abandoned vary from understandable ones to outrageous ones like people preferring to spend money on a holiday but do not want to pay for dog boarding. The most upsetting discovery was the sheer number of homeless dogs and the number of dog rescue centres struggling to survive. According to research by Dogs Trust, 130.000 dogs get abandoned in the UK each year. That figure is from a few years ago so who knows how high it currently is and especially how high it will be after COVID.

I knew it was time to see how I could help make a difference. When mentioning my discoveries to my cousin (Lee Brown), he was as appalled as I was. Right there and then we decided we wanted to join forces and find a way of tackling these issues. After several brainstorming sessions, we concluded that there were 2 things we needed to focus on. Raising money for rescue centres and to reduce the number of dogs that end up in rescue centres. And so DoggyLottery was started.

Our story_DoggyWarriors_Lee Lisette and Beautie

Our mission is twofold. To raise funds for dog rescue centres who are struggling to survive through our online lottery and to tackle the issues contributing to the high number of abandoned dogs through education. Even if we can prevent just 1 dog from being abandoned that will be a win in our books.

Only by working together can we change dogs’ lives forever!

How can you get involved?
By entering DoggyLottery, by liking and sharing us on social media @doggylottery and by nominating a dog rescue centre that deserves to take part in DoggyLottery.

Thank you so much for your support!

How to Play

£1.50 per ticket

You will automatically be signed up weekly but you can cancel any time!
• You must live in the UK
• Players must be 18 or over

Why Play

60% to Charity

60% of raised funds is donated
to 5 different dog rescue centres
every 4 weeks

Play our fun game to help centres in desperate need of support while having a chance to win BIG!



30% to Prize Fund

20 guaranteed winners!

1st prize - 50% share - 1 winner
2nd prize - 25% share - between 4 winners
3rd prize - 25% share - between 15 winners


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