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Will You Help to Support Dog Rescue Centres?

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There are over 800 dog rescue centres in the UK; an astonishing statistic in itself, but did you know that more dogs are being abandoned now than ever before?

Dog rescue centres offer neglected and abandoned dogs the urgent veterinary care, medication, nutritious food and rehabilitation they desperately need, all in a safe and warm environment where they can recover and grow in confidence – but resources are becoming increasingly stretched.

We’re doing all that we can to spread the word about dog abandonment and help dog rescue centres survive, but we can’t do it without your help.

Will you play the DoggyLottery and contribute vital funds to support dog rescue centres?

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Read on to find out more about our important cause and how you can help tackle the crisis faced by dog rescue centres.

Dog Rescue Centres Need Your Help!

It often comes as a bit of a surprise when people learn the true extent of the dog abandonment crisis here in the UK. It certainly shocked Lisette and Lee, DoggyLottery’s founders, when they began researching what they could do to support dog rescue centres.

Research published a few years ago by DogsTrust revealed that over 130,000 dogs were being abandoned each year, and it’s scary to think how much this number has grown since then.

If you have a dog, you’ll know that owning one is a life-changing experience. Dogs are amazing creatures with sweet souls; they’re loyal, trusting and loving, so why are so many owners abandoning their dogs to rescue centres?

People in the UK abandon their dogs for a number of reasons, and the most common reason is that the dog has developed behavioural issues that the owner is unable (or unwilling, since most behavioural problems are avoidable or treatable) to sort out.

Others report that they have experienced a change in circumstances, making it impossible to continue caring for their dog. Perhaps their finances have changed – after all, equipment, food and veterinary bills are expensive. Maybe the owner has moved to a house that isn’t dog-friendly, or they are moving far away. Some owners find themselves unable to look after their dog because they are increasingly busy or spend hours out of the house.

Some dogs are abandoned when their owner becomes too sick to care for them, or sadly, when they pass away. On the flip side, some dogs are abandoned when they become old and sick themselves because their owner doesn’t want to look after them anymore.

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The Impact Of COVID-19 On Dog Rescue Centres

The abandonment crisis has been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus sent shockwaves through our communities, our health service and economy; it’s unsurprising that many dog owners have had no choice but to abandon their much-loved pets. Many owners have simply found themselves facing hardships that they never anticipated.

On the other hand, the demand for puppies and rescue dogs soared during the months of national lockdown, and this has had knock-on effects for dog rescue centres too.

Buying or adopting a dog isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly, and yet thousands of people have brought a dog into their lives without fully considering the long-term implications. Vast numbers of these dogs (often referred to in the media and the rescue community as ‘pandemic puppies’) have since been abandoned, and dog rescue centres are struggling to cope.

The staff at dog rescue centres continue to do incredible work, but while the number of abandoned dogs has been rising, the financial support they rely upon has been on a downwards spiral. Organisations haven’t been able to carry out the fundraising activities that they would usually, and they have had little choice but to close the doors of their charity shops. Legacy income has also been delayed, and sadly, rescue centres have not benefited from any kind of government rescue package.

What’s more, many volunteers have been unable to help out at the centres, leaving staff struggling to cope unassisted, and meanwhile, the number of dogs being abandoned keeps on rising.

Learn more about the impact of COVID-19 on dog rescue centres like Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in Bristol.

Where it all Started

Lisette, DoggyLottery’s co-founder and director, was living in Dubai when she adopted her very special rescue dog, Beautie. Lisette was already passionate about supporting dog rescue centres; she had been volunteering at a local shelter when she first met Beautie and felt an instant connection with her. Sadly, Beautie had lost a leg, and despite being the most joyful dog Lisette had ever met, her disability was making it difficult for Beautie to find a new home. When even her foster family gave up caring for her, Lisette knew she had to step in and adopt Beautie.

Just a few days after adopting Beautie, Lisette’s father passed away, and the intuitive rescue dog offered much-needed support at this sad time. ‘We might have rescued her,’ says Lisette, ‘but she rescued me right back.’ Inspired by Beautie, Lisette felt determined to do even more for dog rescue centres.

When she moved back to the UK, eager to support dog rescue centres and rescue dogs, Lisette started researching the situation here. She soon discovered the true extent of the problem, realising that there were hundreds of centres that were in desperate need of support. Many were struggling to survive, due to a combination of limited money and resources and the staggering number of homeless dogs coming through their doors.

Lisette and her cousin, Lee, discussed these shocking findings and decided to join forces and do something to help tackle the problem. They put together a plan of action with two major goals:

  1. To financially support dog rescue centres by raising funds through an online lottery.
  2. To tackle the issue of dog abandonment head-on, by spreading the word and providing educational resources.

DoggyLottery launched in 2020, and since then, the charity has raised over £20,000. To date, 45 incredible dog rescue centres have benefited from the funds, and importantly, they have received helpful exposure to spread awareness about their vital work.

Will you help to support dog rescue centres? Read on to find out how you can make a big difference by playing the DoggyLottery!

Support Dog Rescue Centres – Join the DoggyLottery!

DoggyLottery is a non-profit organisation that raises money to support dog rescue centres in the UK through an online lottery game.

Will you have the lucky ticket and be one of 20 weekly winners? Tickets cost just £1.50, and you can subscribe to the weekly draw for even more chances to win!

Every four weeks, five amazing dog rescue centres partner with us, and each receives a share of the proceeds. 60% goes to the centres, 30% goes to the prize fund and the remaining 10% funds the running of the lottery.

When you buy your tickets, we’ll ask you to choose from five adorable dogs and select your favourite. Each of these special dogs represents one of the five rescue centres currently partnered with us, and the centre with the most votes receives the highest proportion of the proceeds.

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