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National #dogsinyellow Day: Raising Awareness for Anxious and Reactive Dogs

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#dogsinyellow_My Anxious Dog

March 20th is National #dogsyinyellow Day. This day is dedicated to raising awareness and understanding for anxious and reactive dogs, who may have unique needs when it comes to socialization and space. The colour yellow serves as a visual cue to other pet parents that their dog needs space. Additionally, it’s a way for pet parents to communicate their dog’s needs in a clear and non-confrontational way.

The idea for National #dogsyinyellow Day

The idea for National #dogsinyellow Day was started by Sarah Jones, the founder of My Anxious Dog. Read about our partnership with My Anxious Dog here. Sarah’s own dog, Bella, was attacked by another dog when she was a puppy. It left her terrified of other dogs. She would react to other dogs if they came too close. She would either growl or lung, and it prompted pitiful looks from passers-by. Sarah felt that people just didn’t understand what some of these anxious dogs have been through and what their needs are. So she wanted to find a way for these dogs to be understood.

Sarah explains, “All our #dogsinyellow want and need is some space, and then the world feels much less frightening.Through compassionate awareness-raising, we can reach more unknowing dog owners and spread the understanding far and wide.”

How to get involved in National #dogsinyellow Day

  • Put a yellow bandana or collar on your dog: This serves as a visual cue to other pet parents that your dog needs space
  • Post a photo, or lots of your lovely anxious dog and don’t forget the hashtag #dogsinyellow
  • Educate others: Take the time to educate others about why your dog wears yellow and what it means
  • Show your support by purchasing products from My Anxious Dog, such as the “KEEP DOGS AWAY” lead
  • Get the word out: Share information about National Dogs in Yellow Day with friends, family, and local dog groups to help raise awareness.

National #dogsinyellow Day is an opportunity to raise awareness and understanding of anxious and reactive dogs. A day pet parents of anxious and reactive dogs can unite and share their stories to support each other. With the help of education, awareness and compassion, we can create a world where all dogs feel safe and comfortable. So, don’t hesitate to share your story and educate others on March 20th, National #dogsinyellow Day.