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DoggyLottery Launching This Saturday 25th of July as Fun New Lottery Raising Money for Dog Rescue Centres in the UK

By July 2, 2020November 29th, 20212 Comments
DoggyLottery Press Release 2020

There are hundreds of Dog Rescue Centres in the UK, all struggling to survive. They rely on donations and are mainly run by volunteers. DoggyLottery was set up as a non-profit company to raise funds through an online lottery type game to help these Centres.

Due to the Covid-19, these Centres are under even more financial pressure and therefore DoggyLottery are launching earlier than anticipated.

By playing the weekly game for just £1.50, participants will have the chance of being 1 of 20 guaranteed winners and at the same time they will be supporting a great cause. A massive 60% of the raised funds goes towards the Dog Rescue Centres. That’s more than twice the amount that leading lottery companies donate to charitable causes.

‘The lives of thousands of dogs here in the UK depend on the survival of dog rescue centres and we are determined to help make a difference ’ – Lee Brown and Lisette van Riel, Founders DoggyLottery

Every four weeks, five different Rescue Centres will be connected to the lottery, which will not only give them some much needed money but it will also give them extra online exposure for their Centre and four of their dogs in need.

Besides raising funds for Dog Rescue Centres, DoggyLottery will aim to address and raise awareness of the issues contributing to the number of homeless dogs by creating educational content to be shared through their communication channels.

To find out more and play the Lottery, please visit:


  • Denise says:

    As so many people decided they “needed”a dog whilst in lockdown, I am sure a proportion of these new dog owners will be needing the wonderful dog charities to take them in when they realise how much work is needed in being responsible owners and caring for your dog.
    Thank you for setting up this Lottery, I am sure the charities will welcome any donations you can raise for them in these uncertain times.

  • DoggyLottery says:

    Dear Denise, thank you for your lovely message. Yes this is definitely a concern and something we want to try and tackle through educational content. Great to see we have your support!