DoggyLottery for PAAWstival


1st Prize – 50% of prize fund (one winner)

  • S. Ruiz from London – £116.57

2nd Prize – 30% of prize fund (divided between 4 winners)

  • K. Taylor from Calne – £17.49
  • T. Keohane from London – £17.49
  • J. Ward from London – £17.49
  • R. Warrington from Hyndburn – £17.49

3rd Prize- 20% of prize fund (divided between 10 people)

  • A. Greenfield from Barnet – £4.66
  • M. Perkins from Fareham – £4.66
  • B. Leahy from London – £4.66
  • M. Evans from London – £4.66
  • H. Cooper from Solihull – £4.66
  • D. Jefferies from Torquay – £4.66
  • K. ODonnell from Stafford – £4.66
  • L. Evans from Taunton – £4.66
  • D. Chapman from London – £4.66
  • K. Krulova from Ford End – £4.66


Thank you so much for your support!

A total of £525.71 was raised for the five wonderful charities. They will each be receiving an equal share.

DoggyLottery for PAAWstival_2022
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Wild At Heart Foundation

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Dogs 4 Rescue


Nowzad Rescue

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Ark Doris UK

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