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Hello to all my doggy lovers! My name is Beautie and I am about 8 years old.

I was rescued from the streets of Dubai after I was hit by a car. Unfortunately I lost one of my back legs but that has definitely not affected my lust for life. You can even follow me on instagram #3legsbetterthan4. I am proud to be involved with DoggyLottery as I know more than anyone how important the existence of dog rescue centres are. Without them I might not have survived. Join our mission and make a difference!


A big shout out from man’s best friend. My name is Milo and I am 10 years old.

I am a very lucky boy as my owners are of the most loving kind. I need lots of special care as I am very anxious around other dogs. It is so important that people pick a dog that is right for them and their type of life and are not guided by our pretty looks. That is why I am a Brand Ambassador for DoggyLottery. I believe in the importance of raising funds as well as using education to try and reduce the amount of homeless dogs. Enter now to help raise funds for these amazing charities.

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Enter now to help raise funds for these amazing charities!