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Charity: Oldies Club
Breed: Mixed Breed
Status: Crossed the rainbow bridge

Jazz was a 16-year-old Staffie x Boxer dog, who came into Oldies Club care in 2016. A sensitive soul, Jazz had previously been attacked by 2-3 other dogs and had needed approximately 200 stitches This upsetting experience had left him feeling spooked and anxious by other dogs approaching him offlead. Jazz’s wonderful foster home had been working hard to help him since he’d come into our care, with behavioural support, but due to his previous experience Jazz required a special home and one where he would be the only dog and so the charity made the decision to place Jazz in its sponsor dog scheme, meaning he would remain in his foster home as a permanent foster dog, with Oldies Club covering all vet bills for the rest of his life, along with any additional behavioural support needed.

Jazz settled into his forever foster home, enjoying walks away from other dogs and visits to the park at quieter times. He was very happy at home, where he loved spending time with his family, who committed a great deal of time and effort to his care. The year after coming to Oldies Club, Jazz’s family took him on his first holiday with them where he loved to adventure and explore! Jazz loved spending time with his people. When his family bought a caravan, Jazz joined them on further holidays and, although he was slowing down, he didn’t need to be asked twice to go for walks.

In 2019, Jazz was diagnosed with Horner Syndrome, caused by damage to facial nerves, along with an ear infection, for which he received veterinary treatment. In May 2020, Jazz had to visit the vets as he had seemed to be in pain, and had experienced some sickness, along with wobbly back legs. He was put on further veterinary meds and supplements, which helped with the pain. In December, we were informed Jazz had dementia. One positive from this was that Jazz became less reactive to other dogs and, after four years with his foster family, was able to snuggle up with a friend’s dog and started happily greeting other dogs out on walks!

Since that time, life with Jazz was rather an emotional rollercoaster, as anyone who has cared for an older animal will likely be able to relate to. Amongst the increased vet visits and different medications, however, a ‘chariot’ (buggy) was purchased and a holiday was enjoyed with his foster family. Sadly, in addition to a stroke, a few months ago, the vet advised that Jazz’s arthritis was causing cramps in his front paws, making him reluctant to stand. However, with additional veterinary care, Jazz, with immense spirit, supported by the continued devotion of his family, rallied and managed to enjoy further potters in the park and rides in his chariot.

Sadly last month, September 2021, Jazz’s foster family advised that he had lost his spark and no longer recognised them, nor wagged his tail, and the decision was made, the one none of us ever want to make, but one day must, that it was time to let him go, with his loving family by his side gently massaging him.

Jazz did not arrive as a calm and easy older rescue dog, as many do, and Oldies Club is eternally grateful to his lovely foster family for taking him in initially and then persevering, despite the hard work needed and at times wondering if they had bitten off (a lot) more than they could chew, in the earlier years. Jazz was such a beautiful dog, much loved by his forever family, who look back knowing the time and effort spent with him was more than worth it, and everyone at Oldies Club.

Jazz was in good physical condition and health when he arrived in our care and so we have chosen to share a number of beautiful photos of him during his time as an Oldies Club sponsor dog, showing how loved he was, will always be, and a little of the life he experienced with his forever family.

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Charity: Dogs On The Streets London
Breed: Mixed breed
Age: 12 years
Status: Currently in foster

Heidi was involved in a road traffic accident after her homeless owner collapsed, Heidi and her owner lived on the streets of London. We were contacted to assist, and we immediately collected Heidi and took her to a vet practice who carried out a big operation of pinning her bones in her broken foot back together in hope we could save her leg.

Unfortunately, a week in and the op was unsuccessful that we had to refer her to a veterinary specialist hospital who carried out 2 major reconstructive surgeries with 6 months of intense physio and rehabilitation at our foster sanctuary whilst her owner was in hospital sadly deteriorating and was then moved to a hospice.

I was able to visit him with Heidi not knowing that this would be the last time. He sadly passed away leaving Heidi a doggy orphan. We supported her sadness and got her back to full health. She is now living the rest of her life, ball playing and catching in her new forever home. The ops and care for Heidi's foot was in the region of £12,000 that the charity supported. Her dads last wish to us was to please save her leg, we did...... I was not going to give up on saving her leg just like Heidi wasn't giving up on getting better.

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Charity: Pupcakes Rescue
Age: 1 year
Breed: Border Collie
Status: Looking for forever home

Hunter has come into rescue due to resource guarding in his home. This was made worse by the wife being pregnant and expecting their first child later this year. Having spoken to a behaviorist and multiple trainers, they had tried various techniques, however it became more obvious that Hunter won't be suitable for a household with a child and will need to be managed. This isn't a lifestyle that would suit Hunter since he is sociable, nor his family since they would not be able to dedicate the time to managing this by keeping him separate from a child for the rest of his life.They also felt this would be unfair on Hunter.

Since coming to us he’s been consistently overlooked which is so sad because he is such a great guy. We just want to see him happy and settled in a home of his own.

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Charity: Amicii Dog Rescue
Age: 4 years
Breed : Mixed breed
Status: Looking for forever home

Lovely Monty is a small black and white terrier size boy. We are looking for a very experienced home for him, he is nervous around strangers and new people and new dogs.

Has possibly suffered some abuse at the hands of humans as he's very over-sensitive around his head and neck area and will over react to too much touching or stimulation in that area. Loves to go for a walk and LOVES to chase a ball! Cannot be rehomed to family with children because of his reactiveness. Needs a quiet, understanding home.

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Charity: Greyhound Gap
Breed: Lurcher
Status: Currently in foster

Barnaby arrived in Gap’s care in a terribly emaciated state weighing just 15.5kg. After being rushed to our vets for medical attention we set on a course to not only help him physically but also show him the love his young life was starved of. He was moved into Foster Care within the kennels house where he could be monitored continually during those critical first few weeks.

We are now happy to report that Barnaby is a healthy weight and is truly a playful, happy and energetic soul who has so much love to give.

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